ALTAWFIQ AL SAUDIA is a company which is engaged in many sectors of investment and trade in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an extension to Abdullah Algarni Trading Establishment being founded in the year 1375H ( 1955 ) , when he started his first location in the heart of Balqarn Governorate which was in trade and food stuffs . As soon as he began the company achieve success and being so optimistic about it so that the name of our company came . Now The company is continuing its expansion strategy and increase of investment according to an integrated vision .

Mission and vision

Our vision

to be a winning and leading on the trade of food and consumer sector , in addition to growth the investment of the company in agents and distributions .

Our mission

focusing on getting success on markets and Stakeholders' Trust Through competition and Mutual Prosperity .


ALTAWFIQ AL SAUDIA company is a distinguished company in the food trade sector and it differentiates from the others by studying the Saudi market what it precisely need then provide all the needs of the local market dealing with the largest companies in the world so as to provide the necessary needs and products to the all several consumer .


ALTAWFIQ AL SAUDIA company is a leading company in the field of transport and logistics support and we mostly rely on road transport where it Considered as the major mean in Saudi Arabia .


Our company has plenty of workers and technicians in all sections where they Trained at the highest level and was chosen by a professional engineering staff to meet and end all the works with great satisfaction . This is our primary goal .


The local production of agriculture and livestock covers 35 per cent of the country's need , our company is distinct in agriculture and livestock sector with high quality standards and great Specifications to cover the Saudi market .


We are providing multiple investments in real estate projects including residential, commercial and leisure to face the fact of increasing population growth in Saudi Arabia . ALTAWFIQ AL SAUDIA company is seeking to enter extensively in the real estate sector, which is considered the largest sector in the growing population states .


  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Asir region - Balgarn province
  • TelFax: +966176301064 +966176301524
  • PO Box 2 ZIP code 61985 National mail 8368, King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz - Khalidiya Unit No. 4 Balgarn / zip code 67512 or 5653
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